Phoenix Bike Party!!

Second Friday of every month

Phoenix Bike Party is currently on hiatus!

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Let me introduce you all to my new friend Bike Party!

This is a monthly event to get your cycling legs stretched out and your dancing shoes broken in and to show off your cool sound bike and lighting!

While this event is family-friendly, it *does* go late into the night and there are always dangers while riding at night.

The plan for the rides:

We'll start each ride at 8PM at a location near a Light Rail stop. We'll ride a few miles while listening to some sweet tunes. We'll stop at a park or a vacant lot and dance for thirty to forty-five minutes. Then we ride a few miles to a new location and dance some more. Ride again, dance again. The last dance location will be located within a few minutes ride to a Light Rail stop. You can take your bike on the Light Rail back to where you started or parked.

THIS IS NOT A BAR CRAWL! Phoenix Bike Party will *NOT* be stopping at any bars or restaurants. Our paths will likely go by some convenience stores where you can run in and grab something to drink if you're thirsty.

The current month's Phoenix Bike Party theme will be posted via Twitter, Instagram, and as soon as we think of one.

Start location and ride routes will be posted via Twitter, Instagram, and 24 hours before the event (that means posted on Friday night).

Bike Party will always begin and end at a location convenient to the Phoenix Metro Light Rail.

    Bike Party Rules

  • Stop at Lights
  • Stay to the Right
  • Ride Straight & predictably
  • Hydrate
  • Pack your trash
  • Light your bike!
  • Don't get smashed
  • Be Nice!!!

    If you have a sound bike:

    First off, we love you! Thanks!
  1. Don't overtake the ride leader.
  2. If your system is loud from over 50 feet away, please be able to adjust its volume while riding.
  3. Be considerate in residential areas, especially after 10pm. This applies to both volume and content.
  4. Don't compete with other music bikes. When overtaking another music bike from behind, turn down your music until you pass them. At a party stop, find a clear area to play. If you can't find a clear area, let others play this stop and you can play the next one.

    How to participate:

  • Get a bike and tune it up
  • Get a water bottle or hydration pack
  • Bring your bike and water to the start location
  • Follow the Bike Party Rules
  • (bonus points)Light your bike up with EL-Wire and LEDs
  • (bonus points)Bring a sound bike!