It's that time. Grab your Santa Suit and get ready for a fine evening of good wholesome fun!

2018 Phoenix Santarchy

Saturday, December 08th, 2018

7PM - 2AM

Downtown Phoenix


A brand new December is upon us. With it brings a return of Santarchy to downtown Phoenix. Also, Santa Pantsmaker is still here.

Have you been naughty? Or have you been very naughty?

Bring a New unwrapped toy, to drop off with Santa Larry. Help give some Arizona kids a smile on Christmas. (Personally, this Santa likes giving the educational and science-type toys...)

We are meeting at a totally new Santa spot in Downtown Phoenix! Stay Tuned!

ho ho ho

PS, Do not go to any other "Santa Crawl" things unless you want to hang out with lame people. They charge money and they have nothing to do with the event that you all know and love. Us Cacophonists believe that Christmas and its usher, Santa Claus, should be free. Free like beer, and free like speech. Just fucking free all the way.

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NOTE: There is no Swaggle this year. Please use twitter for real time updates. Also the facebook is apparently what the kids are using these days.