Phoenix Idiotarod

Saturday, February 10th, 2018


The 12th Annual Phoenix Idiotarod is ON!!!


The remaining volunteer meetings are:
January 21st, 11AM at Angels Trumpet Alehouse
February 3rd, 11AM at The Vig - Fillmore


The Idiotarod is a charitable shopping cart race in which teams of five "idiots" group themselves with a modified grocery store shopping cart and run through the streets of Phoenix. The race features people in costumes and themed floats. The races are fun competitions where sabotage, costume, and presentation are rewarded.

The race will commence at 12:00pm. The starting location will be revealed a day prior to the race.

The entry fee is $50 per team, and we limit the race to 36 teams.

Check the registration page for more details


All teams are required to bring at least 5 pairs of socks or underwear per team member (brand new in the package) for donation to EmpathyAZ Bring the sizes and gender the members of your race team would normally wear. So, each person on the team should stop and pickup a package of socks or underwear. Just buy the size and style that you would wear. We've also been told that they would rather not get g-string/thong type underwear. Sexy ladies and men are welcome to model those items for the judges though. There might even be an award on the line!

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